Family Heirlooms Shadow Box Gallery

If you have special items that have been passed down from generation to generation or just special keepsakes, we can preserve them for you. Here is a sampling of items that we’ve preserved in shadow boxes over the years.
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Walnut frame for cat mementos

5.20 Cat memorial shadow box

Oak frame for wedding souvenirs; photos, invitation, favors. (J1142)

5.19 Bridal scrapbook shadow box

Cherry frame for Boy Scout hike log, patches, photo, flag. (J1132)

5.18 Philmont hike memories

Oak urn for cremation ashes with space for engraved plate. (J1035)

5.17 Oak cremation urn

Small box; made-to-order sizes; hinged lid, brass catch. (J9035)

5.16 Walnut keepsake box

Walnut frame for 6" diameter antique wax document deal (J8073)

5.15 Antique wax seal

Juniper frame for antique linens (J1055)

5.14 Crocheted bonnet, handbag

Cherry wood frame for belt hand-carved by grandma. (J1048)

5.13 Hand carved leather belt

Walnut frame for grandma's ravioli rolling pin (J1128)

5.12 Great-grandma’s ravioli rolling pin

Alder frame for souvenirs from travels in Peru. (J1126)

5.11 Souvenirs

Walnut box for wedding cake utensils. (J1039

5.10 Wedding cake knife storage

Walnut frame with toasting glasses and wedding invitation. (J1038

5.09 Wedding glasses and invitation

Walnut frame for child's clay hand imprint. (J9034)

5.08 Child’s clay handprint

Oak frame for pet mementos - collar, picture, paw print, toy

5.07 Pet memorial

Wedding toast glasses in openable solid oak frame. (J9026)

5.06 Shadow box for wedding glasses

Oak frame for pet toys, photo, collar, paw print

5.05 Pet memorial

Oak frame for display of grandma's items

5.04 Family heirlooms

Oak frame with hand imprint, photo, engraved plate (J8089)

5.03 Baby handprints

Juniper framed display of antique Singer Sewing Co. fan. (J1007)

5.02 Antique fan

Walnut frame - baby shoes with clothes, toys and photo. (J1041)

5.01 Baby memories display