Fire Service & EMS Shadow Box Gallery

So, where are all your badges, patches, pins and medals right now? Get them out of the drawer and into a custom shadow box! Make them part of your life by having us mount them in a shadow box as a visual record of your career that you can proudly hang on the wall. Later, it will become a family heirloom and a bit of your family history can be passed on.

These are great gifts for a retirement, promotion, Christmas or birthdays. We also make memorial shadow boxes. And, if your department is looking for a more personal retirement gift, talk to ShadowBoxUSA about becoming the supplier for your department’s retirement gifts.
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Cherry frame; 11x13 (J1224)

1.28 Helmet shield and badge display

Walnut frame; 18x14 (J1215)

1.27 Sac Metro firefighter gift

Oak frame; 18x22 (J8088)

1.26 Crossed axe display with patches

Cherry frame; 10x11 (J?)

1.25 Fire Chaplain retirement

Walnut frame; 14x18 (J1117)

1.24 Hand-made firefighter doll

Oak frame; 18x16 (J1207)

1.23 Chief’s retirement gift

Cherry frame; 22x14 (J1211)

1.22 For dad’s retirement

Cherry frame; 10x8 (J1114)

1.21 Badge and Patch display

Cherry frame; 11x12 (J1218)

1.20 Fire Engineer retirement

Dark oak frame; 18x15 (J1121)

1.19 Firefighter memorial

Oak frame; 11x12 (J1141)

1.18 Fire Dept. Christmas gift

Dark oak frame; 13x14 (J1113)

1.17 Fire dept. display

Dark oak frame; 15x18 (J1045)

1.16 Badge collection

Oak frame; 14x15

1.15 CDF Fire Investigator Memorial

Walnut frame; 22x13 (J9007)

1.14 Fire axe display box

Oak frame; 14x20 (J9003)

1.13 Etched glass with names

Oak frame; 21x21 (J9001)

1.12 Benicia Fire Dept retirement

Oak frame; 10x14 (J8095)

1.11 CDF Helitack crew

Walnut frame; 18x22 (J9013)

1.10 Fire academy graduation

Walnut frame; 14x10 (J9047)

1.09 Novato Fire Dept retirement

Walnut frame; 11x12 (J1063)

1.08 San Ramon Valley FD

Oak frame; 21x21 (J9015)

1.07 Houston Fire Dept.

Cherry frame; 18x19 (J9025)

1.06 Fire dept. career mementos

Cherry frame; 16x14 (J9023)

1.05 Captain’s retirement gift

Oak frame; 22x14 (J1015)

1.04 Fire department gift

Cherry frame; 22x16 (J1116)

1.03 Fire Chief retirement

Cherry frame; 11x12 (J1218)

1.02 Santa Barbara FD retirement gift

Oak frame; 16x12 (J1013)

1.01 Fire Captain retirement gift