Fishing the Clearwater, Prime Time Business Fair, Christmas…

Christmas is coming! Believe it or not.  If you are planning on a shadow box as a Christmas gift, order it NOW! I have been giving several free price quotes a day and our production schedule is getting full.

It takes a certain amount of time because although we can build a shadow box pretty fast, transit time for the customer’s items to us and the completed shadow box back to the customer can take up to a week each way. Only business days are counted, so weekends and holidays like Thanksgiving can rally cut into the time needed to get your shadow box to you.

Last night was the Prime Time Business Fair, put on by the Chamber of Commerce in our county. About 70 businesses had tables set up with information about their businesses. I set up a table with sample shadow boxes and a TV screen running a slide show with pictures of our past work. I spoke to a lot of people and I’m hopeful that some work might come out of it.

(For those of you who know Kent – He’s been in northern Idaho all week with my brother. They’ve been fishing on the Clearwater River. He’s on his way home now with a lot of big fish like the one below.)