Flag Boxes and Urns Gallery

In addition to shadow boxes, ShadowBoxUSA also builds flag cases for various sized flags and we make custom wooden urns for cremation remains.

If you need a flag case, let us know the dimensions of your folded flag so we can price the correct size case for it. (Be sure to have the required minimum of 3 stars showing on your folded flag!)

If you need a cremation urn, please contact us so we can talk about the right size box for those precious ashes.
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Solid oak cremation urn

6.06 Solid oak urn for cremation ashes

Openable walnut box with latch

6.05 Walnut box (open)

Openable walnut box with latch

6.04 Walnut box

Walnut frame; 18x19 (J9031)

6.03 Flag display with photos

Oak frame; 10x10x14; with space for engraved plate(not incl)

6.02 Small flag box

Oak frame; 18x18x26; engraved plate not included

6.01 Large flag box