Military Shadow Box Gallery

Here are samples of shadow boxes that we’ve done for military awards & memorabilia.
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Dark oak frame, 20"x16" for military police badges (J1133)

3.11 Military police display

Oak frame for folded burial/casket flag

3.10 Large flag box

Walnut frame, 14"x13.5" for World War II medals (J1130)

3.09 WWII medal display

Purpleheart wood frame, 20"x19" for medals, patches (J1136)

3.08 Navy medals

Oak frame, 18"x8" for war veteran's medals (J1047)

3.07 Historical medals

Teak frame, 22"x19" for Navy medals and flag (J1104

3.06 Navy mementos

Oak frame for Medford National Guard guidon

3.05 National Guard guidon

Oak frame for 18"x16.5"x16.5" for large folded flag

3.04 Flag box for folded flag

Oak frame, 18"x22" with flag, mounted certificate (J8098)

3.03 Flag with certificate

Rough layout before framing for Navy items (J1120)

3.01 Sample layout of items