03.30.2013 We’ve Moved!

Kent and I spent Jan and Feb 2013 moving from Oregon to Placerville, CA. We were able to secure a property with large metal shop building, which nearly triples the amount of space we have to build shadow boxes and plaques (and we’re filling every sq. ft. of it with our stuff).

Oak frame; 22x14 (J1015)

Firefighter retirement gift

Although we started building shadow boxes again in March, we’re still unpacking and settling in, figuring out how best to lay out the shop and where to store the shipping supplies that take up far too much space!   Having more space should enable us to handle more orders at once and to get orders out to our customers a little faster.

Moving back to California after 10 years away has been exciting for us. We’re still in a pretty rural area and we love seeing turkeys, woodpeckers, deer and jack rabbits as we “commute” down the hill from our house to the woodshop.

Another exciting development is that we will finally be able to launch our updated website. Look for that announcement in the next week or so. In the meantime, Happy Springtime to all!