Free Price Quote


Pricing is dependent on many factors including the size of the frame, the number of items and the difficulty in mounting them. We also take into consideration whether you want to order an engraved plate and the price of wood (we quote prices for oak, cherry and walnut).

For an example, as of November 2014, a shadow box about 12” x 10” x 3”, with a badge, patch, and a 3-line engraved plate, including mounting of those items, would run approximately $160 to $170, not including shipping or sales tax.

For an accurate price, please complete the form, which also includes a full description and an order form in case you decide to place an order. There is never an obligation to buy just because you request a price quote. Yes, price quotes really are FREE!

Free Price Quote

To simplify the request process, you can email us a digital picture of your items. If you don’t have a picture, no worries, you can provide us with a list instead. Either way, you can use our simple form below. And please, don’t worry about us bugging you once we have your contact information. We use the information ONLY to contact you about your request for a price quote.

If you don’t have a picture to upload, skip down to the form and begin filling it in.

If you will be uploading a photo, please follow the steps below.

Sample of a rough layout

  1. Lay the items on a flat surface placed not more than ½ inch apart and DO NOT overlap items.  (See example on right.) This layout is for estimating purposes only and will not be the final layout design; we’ll work with you on a design after you’ve placed your order.
  2. Measure the width and height of the layout as displayed.
  3. Measure the depth of the thickest item.
  4. Take a clear picture of the layout.
  5. Complete the form below, including the measurements and upload your photo.